All chiggered up. And chingered, for that matter.

by Katie on September 8, 2010

Brandon is currently experiencing his first battle with chiggers. Unfortunately, I am experiencing it with him. I had to diagnose us, because, well, chiggers aren’t so common in the desert. I think we might have found every last one of them during our weekend scouting trip for Brandon’s elk hunt.

I remember about two decades ago, every time my sister and I would return from spending time in the woods at my grandparents’ place, we would be stripped down and “checked” for chiggers and ticks.

Seriously. I know the desert dwellers reading this are like, “What? That really happens?” While my fellow southeast Texans are thinking nothing of it because they have either been “checked” themselves, done the checking, or quite likely, both.

Anyway, the chiggers. I had to ask my mom how to get rid of them, since it had been so long since I dealt with them. She reminded me you cover the bites with nail polish to smother the little suckers. We had to wait two entire days to begin treatment. Two entire days with red, itchy bites that you can’t touch because they burn and sting if you do, mind you.

I asked Brandon if he wanted to be painted hot pink or chocolate brown, but he opted for clear. So that’s where we stand right now. We’re both working today covered in spots of clear fingernail polish.

While Brandon was applying my coat, he stepped back, polish brush in hand, and said, “Man, we’re all chiggered up!”

My mom did send word of an alternative treatment, by way of a family friend. Garlic. So we’ll each get a garlic clove rub tonight. Which likely means we won’t have to deal with anyone standing too close to us tomorrow.

Now, for the chingering. It’s not so much us, really, as it is the truck.

Within a ten minute span yesterday morning, about 30 minutes before we planned to head home, we ended up with a missing back window (like the big window all the way across the cab, not one of the side windows) and found out we (Brandon) had to replace a wheel that was about to wobble off. Yes, the entire wheel. Not one lug, or the tire. The wheel. While all this really messed up our plans to be home early and get back to work, we are extremely thankful we noticed the wheel before we headed down a mountain on the highway.

My husband did, however, make a small suggestion to drive us home with the five matching wheel studs we located at the nearest NAPA (1.5 hours away, mind you). After being told he was crazy by another male (which made me not feel so bad about my stance on the matter), and me reminding him my daddy would never forgive him, and would likely hunt him down, if he in any way contributed to my bodily harm, he decided we would find the remaining three studs to complete the set on the wheel before driving 2.5 hours home. In the mountains. I’m hoping seeing this idea in print changes his mind about ever thinking it was a halfway decent idea in the first place.

We really did have a good weekend. It was just the last day we could have done without. And the chiggers.

But we did find some elk, which is really all that matters.


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