A lesson in Mason Speak

by Katie on September 10, 2010

By now, I’ve probably said enough about my youngest brother and his lack of concern for proper usage of the English language. Or any usage of English as you and I know it, really. Which led Brandon to dub his form of speech as Mason Speak. I think the most famous word he has coined is “y’allselves,“or at least we can’t get over that one.

On our way to the mountains for some elk scouting last weekend, we engaged ourselves in a text message conversation with Mason for entertainment during the ride. We started out talking to him about a bull of ours he currently has, but before I knew it, the boys (Brandon and Mason) had resorted to calling each other ugly, asking how “the pimpin'” was going (because either of them would know, right?) and other such nonsense.

Since Brandon was driving, I was in charge of typing all these things out. In response to one of Mason’s “you so ugly” slams, Brandon told me to respond with “I ain’t that ugly.” (Which, now that I think about it, is probably not that good of a comeback.)

Ain’t? Really? You have to use that?” I said, because I despise the word. And no, despise is not too strong of a word for my feeling toward the slap in the face of the English language Brandon insisted upon using. In fact, it was almost physically painful for me to type.

Brandon replied, “Yeah, ‘ain’t,’ you know, Mason Speak. He might not understand if I said anything different.”

But I’m pretty sure it was just an opportunity for Brandon to watch me cringe. And believe me, there was plenty of cringing as I pressed the ‘Send’ button.


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