Underestimating the power of a woman

by Katie on August 15, 2010

Brandon:  “Why does your arm feel so strong right there?”

Katie:  “Um, because it is. Geez.”

Brandon:  “Really? Your forearm is that tight and strong, just sitting there?”

Katie:  “Yeah-ah. I told you my muscles were getting stronger.”

Brandon:  “From your exercise class, or farming?”

Katie:  “Both. The shovel makes me stronger, and the hand weights make me toner. And I know “toner” isn’t a word — it just kinda rhymed and I liked it.”

Brandon:  “Wow. I’m not sure I like that.”

Katie:  “Well I do. And I can’t wait to show my brothers. Maybe they won’t beat me up next time I see them.”

Both:  “Yeah they will…”


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