The phone saga comes to a close

by Katie on August 24, 2010

Brandon and I are back on speaking terms again.

Not that we were ever choosing to not speak, it was just becoming a little more difficult at times, what with my little phone situation and all.

But that’s all resolved. The old phone eventually started dying too, and one day, even plugged into the charger, the battery wouldn’t come on. The next time Brandon and I ran into each other on the farm, it was demanded politely requested that I solve the problem.

So the next morning, I logged in to my account online first, to double-check my upgrade date. For the 50th time since this ordeal began. But, alas, I was still nine days away from the official “get a phone for free” upgrade date. Disappointed, I decided to glance through my upgrade options anyway.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when, on page three, I found not just one, but three phones in a list of about 56 with an online price of “$69.99 FREE with 2-year contract“. I glanced through the list of features, and found makes/receives calls and sends/receives text messages for each one. (Easy to please, I am.)

Um, sign me up, please. And it gets even better.

Free overnight shipping, y’all.

In less than 24 hours, I would have a working phone at my doorstep without paying a dime. And without wading through piles of people in a Verizon store (including those who can’t seem to put on pants in the middle of the day). And without having to talk to some bubblegum popping, 17-year-old store clerk who really has zero power to help you, and could care less to top it all off.

Had I gone into a store that day, instead of browsing my account online? I would have had to endure the aforementioned hardships, and pay $70 for the same exact phone.

So it all actually worked out really well in the long run.

Upon hanging up with Brandon for about the tenth time the first day I had a full-service phone, my father-in-law commented, “Man, it didn’t take long for that new phone to get a workout.”

No. It did not. And 98.7% of the calls made and received on the new phone have been to or from Brandon.

And he wondered why I didn’t mind being partially unavailable…

But I personally think this is really a story of the evils of cell phone companies.


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