A tale of two pastas

by Katie on August 23, 2010

Early last week, I went ahead and cooked up a whole package of ground beef and tossed in a jar of spaghetti sauce. I planned to use enough for one supper and one lunch serving for each of us as plain old spaghetti. We hadn’t eaten it in a long time, and I needed a quick fix. The rest of the meat mixture, I reserved to use in a small pan of lasagna a few days later.

This way, in one cooking batch, I had two slightly different meals to put on the table a few days apart, to offset the similar taste. I felt like a genius.

When we got around to eating the lasagna, however, I found out I put way too much thought into the whole process.

Brandon liked the lasagna. A lot. The spaghetti? Not so much. Turns out he would have rather eaten the lasagna all week long than the spaghetti just once.

Why, you ask?

Well, in his words, “Spaghetti is just too hard to eat.”

You read correctly. Too hard. As in, requires too much effort, what with the spinning of the fork to gather the noodles and all.

The lasagna, on the other hand, enables you “to just chop and shovel and be done with it.”

So, there you have it:  a tale of two pastas, one of which is simply too difficult to consume.


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