What does cooling down mean to you?

by Katie on July 2, 2010

To me, “cooling down” means some sort of cool front is going to move through.

To Brandon, apparently it just means below 110.

All my praise for the wonderfully long, cool spring we had in Arizona didn’t get me anywhere with Mother Nature. She brought summer back with a vengeance. We’ve been battling temperatures ranging from 112 to 117 all week. No lie.

When you go to Weather.com, after you get past the heat alert warnings, there’s a box that provides the “Comfort Index.” Ours has a red box with the word “Uncomfortable” next to it. Understatement, I believe.

We were discussing the heat last night, since we’ve both been out and about in it all week, and Brandon said, “I heard it’s supposed to cool down this weekend though.”

Me, getting excited, “Really!? How much?”

“I think it’s only going to be 108, maybe even 105.”

“Seriously? That’s ‘cooling down’ to you?” I was not impressed.

“Well, at least it’s not humid.”

And he is right about that. We may have high temperatures, but you can get comfortable in the shade. This time of year back in Texas? Pretty much unbearable.

A couple days ago, I was listening to the news on the radio while heading out to irrigate at 4:30am, and the weatherman said, “It’s going to be a hot and humid one today.”

And I laughed. Out loud. Because these people have no clue.

One day last week, there was only three percent humidity here. I didn’t know humidity could even go that low. Back where I’m from, it was probably 93%. Those are the kind of numbers I’m used to.

But, as Brandon always tells me, “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”


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