They have returned…

by Katie on July 3, 2010

By the end of last summer, we had found a ridiculous amount of scorpions in and around our house. And by ridiculous, I think we were on about number 67.

It’s amazing we only ended up with one sting. (Brandon would probably disagree on how amazing that was.)

We started finding them during spring break last year, while my parents were visiting, of course. In fact, my mom, of all people, was the person who spotted that first scorpion. Luckily, we got her out of here before the invasion began.

So this year, as soon as it warmed up, we were prepared to once again become a breeding ground for those suckers.

Brandon started hunting them with our blacklight flashlight and whatever screwdriver, wrench or pocket knife happened to be handy.

But, much to our surprise, he wasn’t finding anything. In the past four months, I would venture to say we hadn’t killed five of them.

We found out this weekend they must have just been waiting on it to hit 117 degrees.

Because last Friday? We found two inside our house during the day.

Brandon, being the Master Scorpion Hunter he is, knew these two sightings were not random. So, after a 2am irrigation run, he went on a little hunt.

And sure enough, he ended up finding four right around the outside of our house, two at the shack, and one more in a pile of steel by our barn.

I woke up the next morning to a pink Post-It on the fridge tallying up his kills, totaled at “9 DEAD Scorpions.”

Brandon says it’s time to spray now. I agree.


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