The makin’ of climbin’ trees

by Katie on July 26, 2010

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to trimming the trees around our house, which at that point, were in dire need. I had intended to take care of it before Allison visited in early May, if that tells you anything.

Every other time I’ve been in charge of the tree trimming (Or every time the trees have been trimmed since I said, “I do.” However you want to look at it.) I have received quite a bit of criticism, and Brandon has typically ended up whacking the tree to pieces afterward.

This time, I determined, I would get the job done. Even though I always felt like he left the trees a little too bare, I didn’t want to catch any grief for “leaving the job half done,” like that was what I intended to do or something.

So I worked on my first tree a bit, then had Brandon give me a few pointers on what additional trimming should be done.

These were his instructions:

“You see how I’ve left these trees a smooth trunk all the way up? That’s what makes it a good climbing tree. You want to get any branches that are growing down, and all the little shoots and branches that get in the way of climbing. The main trunks and limbs should be smooth.”

“For climbing?”

“Yeah. I’ve already started making these into really good climbing trees. We need to keep it up.”

“Uh, Brandon, who is going to be climbing these trees? You planning on it?”


So if anyone is interested in joining Brandon, we have about seven “good climbin’ trees” in the making over here.


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