The cookie monster

by Katie on July 30, 2010

Monday afternoon, Brandon discovered one of my grocery purchases from the day before: Blue Bell Fudge Bars. We always have ice cream, but during the summer, he likes to have something cold, quick and portable to run in and grab. So I bought a box of 12 bars for the week, estimating they would get us to the weekend, even if we each ate two a day.

Let’s just say my estimate was wrong. I realized that on Monday when Brandon had devoured four fudge bars before supper.

Sure enough, by Thursday, they were wiped out. I had two, y’all. Two. I averaged half a fudge bar each day.

Brandon’s average? 2.5.

Then, he had a bad day yesterday. One of those don’t-talk-to-me-about-my-problems bad days. [His reasons were totally justified. It was a big deal. And we do talk about things later, after the “mood” has worn off.]

So I got out the reserve break-and-break cookie dough from the freezer, hoping some Toll House chocolate chips would brighten his day a bit.

I don’t know if he was trying to drown his sorrow in a plate of cookies, or if they really helped on some level, but he was serious about mowing through them.

I only made 12, thinking that would get us through a couple days, even taking into account Brandon’s normal cookie consumption.

Not so much.

Before supper was ready (which went into the oven immediately following the cookies), he had eaten five. Sometime between supper and bedtime, consumed four more. And the midnight snack he grabbed for his 3am irrigation run? The remaining two cookies.

At least I ate one.

But really? Ten cookies in eight hours, half of which he was sleeping? Pretty sure I would have a belly ache.


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