Other people say y’all. …Right?

by Katie on July 22, 2010

When Brandon and I began our trip to Colorado, he said, “You know, about every other person we’ll see up there is from Texas.”

“Vacationers or people who have relocated?” I inquired.


Indeed, he was right. On a 30 yard stretch of sidewalk in town, there were two people wearing Texas shirts. We passed cars with TCU, A&M and t.u. decals. While eating supper, a couple walked in carrying a baby decked out in t-sip attire.

Seriously. Everywhere you looked, there were signs of Texas. Which didn’t bother me at all, of course.

Anyway, the last night of vacation, we were coming down from the mountains and decided grabbing a good burger sounded good.

And it was.

As our waitress was making her final round at our table, she asked Brandon, “Are y’all ready for y’all’s check?”

As soon as she left to retrieve it, Brandon told me, “Hundred bucks says she’s from Texas.”

“Why do you say that?”

“She said ‘y’all’.”

“Other people say y’all.”

“Nooo, noo, no. Not like that. She said ‘y’all’ twice in one sentence. I’m telling you, she’s from Texas.”

“Brandon, other people say y’all. I’ve heard it.”

So the waitress returns, check in hand.

Before she even reached our table, Brandon asked, “Are you from Texas?”


“The ‘y’all’s’,” Brandon replied, “Because she [pointing to me] is too, and thinks other people say it too.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said with a red face. “Where are you from?”

“Close to Houston,” I replied. Because being from Texas does not mean you automatically know where my town is.

“Me too,” she said. So, of course, I inquired further.

Turns out, she grew up in Baytown, which is probably 23 miles from my parents’ house.

She asked if I was going to Gatorfest this year. Apparently she’s a fan.

But seriously, other people say y’all, right?


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