It’s official.

by Katie on July 13, 2010

Scorpion breeding ground now open.

We welcome them all. Large and small, yellow and brown, ceiling hangers and floor dwellers; our doors are open.

We might as well post a sign with these words. That way, at least we would have a disclaimer when a friend unsuspectingly met one of our new house guests.

I know, I know. It was pretty obvious last week that we needed to spray this place down. It just didn’t get done. But, Brandon has gone on a killing rampage since then.

Which has only provided more evidence in defense of bug killer.

Saturday, he looked up from the sandwich he was enjoying at lunch to find a big one hanging right over his head.

That night, upon returning from a 12:30am irrigation, he killed three more outside, and labeled one as an “escapee.”

Sunday night, another dead one.

There were a couple more in there somewhere. We’ve been trying to keep a tally on the white board in the kitchen, but we can’t keep up.

Visitors beware…


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