Becoming my father

by Katie on July 19, 2010

A long time ago, I brought up my Dad’s idea of a vacation. And how it somewhat differed from the rest of the family’s.

While my mom had the four of us kids playing on a beach, swimming in a lake, hiking an Arkansas trail, or otherwise actively engaged in our surroundings, my dad was rocking the camper with his thundering snores.

Seriously. It never mattered to him where we chose to vacation, because to him, it was just a place to nap.

Now, I really don’t mean to be giving my dad a hard time. I love that man. And it’s not like he wasn’t “present” for family time or anything. He was very involved in our childhood.

But you can bet when the sun settled directly overhead and we finished our noon-time meal, there was only one thing left on his agenda.

And I have to admit, there was always something welcoming about returning to the camper in the evening, to the sound of his snores from a quarter-mile away.

As a kid, I never understood this. I mean, vacations are for exploring, checking out a new place, doing things you can’t do every day, right?

But as an adult, who actually puts in hard working hours every day of the week, I think I may be changing my tune a bit.

For every bit of my memorable life, my dad has been a small business owner. Which means he never escapes work, and there is always plenty of it for him to do.

Now that Brandon and I are in that boat, his vacation philosophy is starting to make sense.

We’re taking a couple days of vacation this week, as long as the farm can remain in operation without us, anyway. This vacation comes after two weeks straight of us both working more than 16 hours a day and sleeping four each night.

And on this vacation? All I’m really looking forward to is getting decent sleep at night.

I understand now, Dad.


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