Another example of underestimation

by Katie on July 11, 2010

I may or may not have already made fun of told a story about Brandon and his knack for underestimating home improvement projects. Or, anything we do for that matter.

Last weekend, he and a buddy, who told us he in no way wanted to be part of this “blog thing,” (we still love you, Travis — oops!) worked on replacing the wood floor area in the entryway of our house.

No big deal for a pair of strapping young men, right?

Of course.

Now, Brandon did tell me before they began that he suspected it would take them a lot of time, probably an entire day, to remove the old floor and grind/sand/scrape/clean all the glue off the concrete underneath. (Yes, the dude who built our house glued down wood flooring. In case you’re wondering, you cannot find a square corner or level wall in this place. But we love it anyway.)

But, beyond that, he said, “Once we finally start laying down the new stuff, I bet we’ll have it finished in no time. Two to three hours, I bet.”

Now, not to discourage my husband who was, after all, taking on the role of handyman, I kept my eye rolling and laughter at his unrealistic optimism internal.

So they began.

And it did take an entire day for the floor removal and subsequent cleanup. So he was right on target there.

But it also took an entire day to start laying down the new flooring.

To give Brandon credit, if you fast forward two days, to Day Four of the Flooring Project, it did take two to three hours.

To lay down the very last row of planks.

It’s okay, I’d take this handyman any day. As long as I don’t have to start paying by the hour.


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