The best anniversary gift ever

by Katie on June 8, 2010

So, yesterday we celebrated two years of wedded bliss.
And, according to Brandon, I gave “the best anniversary gift ever”.
Anyone who knows me well is probably a bit confused by this, because you know I am completely anti-anniversary gifts. No joke. And it’s not one of those girl moves, where I just say that, but secretly hope for a surprise.
My point on that being: it’s a day for us to celebrate the fact we are together; neither of us deserve an individual gift for that. And also: if either of us has to go above and beyond with some sort of grand gesture on that day, we’re probably not doing something right the rest of the year. So we just try to spend as much time together as possible during the day, whatever that may be (last year, it meant I accompanied Brandon on the swather all day).
But I digress…
It all started the day before, actually, when Brandon entered the kitchen and announced he was on his last pair of clean underpants.
Which probably gives no indication of the good little wife I really am. But that’s okay.
Not wanting my dear husband to suffer the consequences of opening an empty drawer the next day, I found time between my water changes to wash a couple loads of work clothes and accompanying undergarments.
So when Brandon met me in the office Monday morning, he thanked me for “the best anniversary gift ever”.
“Um, what’s that?” knowing I had nothing planned to “give” him in honor of our vows.
“Clean underwear,” he proudly announced.
And there you have it, y’all. The best anniversary gift ever.

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