Days to remember

by Katie on June 15, 2010

When we picked our wedding date (as in, finally found one that worked for both families and a preacher), Brandon was pretty excited.
We were married on June 7, 2008.
As in, 06.07.08.
He was all, “This is going to be so easy to remember. I’ll never forget it!”
And to top it off, my birthday is exactly two weeks later, so it’s quite possible to celebrate both at the same time and that sort of thing.
Anyway, he thought he had it made with an easy-to-remember date, and a birthday close behind.
Last year, my birthday gift was him driving me to West Texas to meet my family for the weekend. Which was quite generous, when you take into account the 15-hour drive. One way.
So this year, as June approached, I mentioned how much I loved my birthday gift last year, and we talked about trying to make a Texas trip again this year in honor of the occasion.
The only problem? We farm. Therefore, have no predictable, plan-in-advance schedule for both of us to leave for a few days.
So we sat back and waited to see what the June calendar might bring to our program of activities around this place. Around the first of the month, Brandon called me ten minutes after he left the house to change some irrigation water one night.
“Hey, so I was just going through all this in my head, and we’re going to finish the water on the cotton on [this date], we’ll have the new grass done on [that date], and we’ll have all the alfalfa done on [this date]. Tell me one thing we have to do after June 5th! Nothing! Ha!”
“Brandon, I have Vacation Bible School the 7th through 11th.”
“What? Why would you do that? That’s your birthday! You’ve been telling me for two months you wanted to go to Texas for your birthday! How we can we go to Texas if you’re doing Bible school?”
“Brandon, Dear, that’s not my birthday. It is another important day for you to remember, but it’s not my birthday.”
“Oh…it’s the 21st…yeah…our anniversary…”
“But I do appreciate it. It was a very nice try. Thank you.”
Brandon, deflated: “Yeah…”
So, note to any men: while having both your anniversary and significant other’s birthday in the same month can be convenient and helpful for remembering, it also increases the chance you get the two mixed up.

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