A night of dancing

by Katie on June 16, 2010

For some strange reason, Brandon and I have been watching movies pretty regularly here lately, staying up way past our normal bedtime to finish them.

Granted, most of them have titles like Extreme Bulls or Texas Predator Pursuit or Dead On, Elk and Coues, but occasionally, a Redbox rental slips in there.
And, sometimes, like last night, we pull one out of our extensive DVD collection. Meaning we have an entire 23 non-hunting DVDs to our combined name, including a couple of duplicates, and one titled Slim in 6. We have more VHS tapes than DVDs (even though neither of us has owned a VHS player in ten years).
With a collection like that, let’s just say at this point, we’ve seen them all. Multiple times.
With one exception.
Last night, it was Brandon’s idea to watch a movie, but he told me to go get one out.
“A hunting one, or a regular one?” I politely asked.
“I don’t care. Your pick.”
So I rummaged through the movie drawer. Which took all of about 45 seconds. At the very front, I found the only movie one of us hadn’t seen.
Dirty Dancing.
I figured it was about time Brandon joined the rest of the world and at least knew what people were talking about when he heard Patrick Swayze’s famous line, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”
And so we watched it. Brandon’s defense? He watched it “for the dirty, not the dancing.”
But he ended up being pretty impressed with Patrick Swayze’s dance moves. Which means he knew nothing of his career in dance.
As we were climbing into bed, he said, “You know, with Patrick Swayze being able to dance like that, I wonder why they never have him on Dancing with the Stars.”
“Probably because he’s dead.”
“Nah-uh! When did that happen?”
“Uh, last year.”
Apparently those headlines don’t come across talk radio in the tractor cab.


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