Why this marriage works

by Katie on May 7, 2010

One morning way back before we said, “I do,” (I know, an eternity ago, right?), I was over at Brandon’s place for breakfast. With his roommates. Whom we promptly kicked out June 1, 2008. (Well, one of them took some prodding. But that’s an entirely different story.)
I ended up toasting a couple of bagels. But while I was lathering them with cream cheese, I had what has become one of the biggest revelations in our relationship.
I was so not looking forward to eating the top half of my bagel. I’m just more of a bottom half kind of girl. They’re not as thick and get more crispy when you toast them.
Brandon, on the other hand, likes the bigger, softer, thicker top half. Partially due to the fact he would rather “warm” the bagel than fully “toast” it.
So, I had the best idea ever.
“Hey, since I like the bottom half, and you like the top half, I’m going to give you both tops, and I’ll eat the bottoms,” I proposed.
“Oooookayyy,” Brandon responded with an arched eyebrow, clearly not seeing this as the grand revelation it was.
Then I said, “You know, this is why this marriage is going to work.”
“Because you like different parts of a bagel?” a roommate asked (the one who required the prodding).
And you know, it’s true. Just on a more figurative level than literal. But we don’t like to get all mushy and philosophical on here.

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