When there’s nothing better to talk about than the weather…

by Katie on May 21, 2010

I really don’t think I’ve told enough people how ridiculously fantastic the weather has been out west this year.
Like, pretty unbelievable.
To add some perspective, my parents visited during their spring break last year. And I’m pretty sure it was over 100 degrees every day. The second week of March. But hey, it’s a dry heat, right?
Until you step out of the shade and feel like you just walked into an oven, anyway.
Needless to say, summer began March 1st last year, and it was a scorcher.
But this year? Here we are, May 21st, without a single climb into the triple digits. Granted, they’re predicting today’s high to be 103. But just for one day. By Monday, it’s supposed to be back down to 85 (when some “unseasonably cool low pressure moves in”).
I almost can’t believe it. I think I even told my sister a couple weeks ago, “You know, it’s time to be in the hundreds, it really is.” She’s in Kansas, and our temperatures have been rivaling hers, which is just plain amazing.
Brandon came in from work last night with a damp shirt. It had been so long since this happened, I assumed he had simply gotten wet from a water hose or something, and continued to greet him with the usual hugging. Thought nothing of it.
Then, five minutes later, while he was taking off his boots, he was all, “This is the first time I’ve sweated in probably six months.”
“Oh…that’s what that was on your shirt. I almost forgot that happened.”
“I know. It’s been so cool out, I almost forgot what it felt like.”
So I washed my hands…
But really. A farmer…in the desert…who hasn’t experienced sweat in six months? Crazy.
Two days ago, I was pitching in some physical labor, and told Brandon, “You know, this spring in Arizona could have made some arguments for global cooling.”
Then he made fun of me. Apparently that same sentiment has been all over the media for months. But since we don’t have TV and I haven’t been driving a tractor to listen to the radio all day, I had no idea.
Anyway, all that to say, this was the spring to visit Arizona. So we’re really glad Allison made it out just in time.
*I do realize that as soon as I click “publish” the forecast will immediately shift to 115 for the next four months.

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