The one thing Allison wanted to do

by Katie on May 22, 2010

When I picked Allison up from the airport Saturday morning (long story on that — basically, she had a cancelled flight on Friday that forced her to sleep on a cot in DFW and board a plane at 7 the next morning), we were discussing what all we wanted to do that day.
She said, “Well, there is one thing I want to see while I’m here.”
Me, a little nervous about meeting this request, since it’s the one thing she’s asking for, “What’s that?”
“I want to see a really big cactus.”
Me, relieved, “Oh. Sure. No problem.”
“Like, one that’s bigger than me.”
“Yeah, pretty sure we can handle that one.”
As we got closer to my house, she also informed me she would like to see Wilbur on the roof.
I told her that could probably be arranged. He had spent the entire day before running around up there.
We got her picture with a cactus that fit her specifications on Sunday right outside church:
While taking this picture, she said, “I’m not sure how to pose with a cactus.”
I think she did a fine job.
And she was able to snap a few pictures of Wilbur on the roof later that day too.
We were happy to make her trip so eventful and fulfilling…

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