Always somethin’

by Katie on May 24, 2010

Not all that much is going on around here, really.
We’re kind of just sitting back, waiting on the barley and wheat to be harvested. Then we’ll kick into gear for a bit to get 80 acres of cotton planted right behind the barley. Which should be fun. (For a few hours.)
Of course, the hay harvest is cranking, but we’re still a little behind, based on all the calls Brandon has been getting lately. Thanks in large part to this little guy.
And, we’re trying to get our sunflowers pollinated.
Which is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than last year.
Last year, our germination was the problem. So we spent a lot of time, planning and effort (and money) this year to combat that issue.
And we did. We probably have twice as many sunflowers in the field this go around.
The problem? Our female plants took a lot longer to open up this year, and the male plants we replanted didn’t really come up all that well. So now we’re expecting a pollen shortage. Which is not good.
We were talking about this whole process while walking through the field last week.
When we finished, I said, “It’s just always somethin’, isn’t it?”
Brandon: “Sure is. It sure is…”
And it is. Just as soon as you think you have one thing figured out, something else changes.
You get your irrigations timed right, and you should have made a slight fertilizer adjustment. You wait a couple days to cut hay because there’s rain in the forecast, and then the wind blows for three days and makes it dry. You make a bunch of light hay bales, and the next round of calls is asking for heavy ones. You get a good contract price on your grain, and it goes up the next week (this one actually worked in our favor this year, which was nice).
Anyway, you get the idea.
But it’s okay. We’re learning. And one of these days, we’ll have it all figured out.
At least for a day.

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