A multitude of Katie moments

by Katie on May 4, 2010

So I mentioned how Brandon has dubbed a few events around here as “Katie Moments”.
These can range from simple “duh” and “aha” statements throughout the day, to doing something physically stupid (i.e., walking into walls or other permanent fixtures in our home), to just doing some really dumb things a strong majority of the population avoids by simply thinking through things (such as my consistent ability to lock my keys in vehicles and never having a clue where my phone is).
Well, this past week, we had a plethora of Katie Moments.
We were visiting with a couple friends Wednesday morning, and the whole losing-my-phone issue came up.
We had stayed with them for two nights, and were getting ready to leave. I was talking all about how I just set it down in one room, and five minutes later can’t remember which room it was, and just generally leave it behind all.the.time.
Really. It’s a running joke around here. Brandon asks me multiple times a day, “Do you have your phone?” Or “Do you know where your phone is?” Because if we wait too long to start looking for it, I really have trouble figuring out where it might be.
Anyway, so I’m recounting all this to these friends, we say goodbye, and get on the road for a two hour drive to our next destination.
20 miles down the road? I start frantically searching through my purse, hunting pack and overnight bag, looking underneath me and the truck seat, then look at Brandon: “I think I left my phone at their house.”
Sure enough. Luckily, they were actually headed out in the same direction we were, so we only had to drive halfway back.
Doesn’t change the fact that I felt completely dumb. I mean, I was standing there five minutes before we walked out the door talking about leaving my phone everywhere. You would think I would have checked to make sure I had it. Not this girl.
So we get back on the road and continue to our next stop — an overnight stay with another couple.
I make a grocery store run with them and on the five minute drive, I tell them the phone story from earlier that day.
And the next morning? I find out I left my wallet in their car the night before.
So yeah…this is Brandon’s life. Good thing he has it together.

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