A hairy tale

by Katie on May 10, 2010

Right now, my hair is probably the longest it has ever been. Ever. The last time it was even close, I was in first grade.
Needless to say, this is by far the longest it has been since I’ve known Brandon.
It all started by accident. We were just really busy for a while and I missed my regular three month interval trim or cut (you know, whichever one suits my fancy that day). Then it got super close to my sister’s wedding, and I had never had an “up-do” in my entire life, so I thought I’d just let it get a little longer for that.
Anyway, for the first time I can remember, I can currently put my hair in a ponytail without any of those fuzzy hairs hanging down on my neck.
And I’ll be honest, the prospect of being able to do this during an Arizona summer is quite appealing.
So I can’t quite decide what to do. A few days ago, I sought Brandon’s advice.
Brandon: “You need to cut a minimum of three inches.”
Me: “What?! Seriously? Three inches?! That’ll be half my hair.”
“Katie, have you looked in the mirror lately? Three inches would put it right at your shoulders.”
“No way! Really?”
So we measured…
Sure enough.
Me: “So my shoulders are the cut off, huh?”
Brandon: “I just think you look better with short hair. Well, let me say it like this: it’s less time you’re running that dumb hair dryer, it’s less hair I have to move out of my face when we go to bed, and it’s less hair I have to clean out of my shower drain.”
Point taken.

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