What did you do to yourself?

by Katie on April 15, 2010

When Brandon came in for lunch on Monday, I couldn’t even say hello. I think I greeted him with “What in the world did you do to yourself?”
He started out, “Well, I loaded two trucks…”
And I interrupted with, “By hand? With muddy hay bales? Or what?”
He continued, “…And the squeeze broke down on me three times. So I spent most of the morning working on it.”
Y’all, this is what he was wearing:

And I really wish I would have captured a head-to-toe shot when he came in. Just imagine his face, arms and pants looking exactly like that t-shirt.
It seriously looked like he had gone out and rolled around on a freshly tarred highway.
I had to wash his hair in the sink before he went back to work, or it would have looked like he died it black.
He had just showered Sunday night before bed, so while washing his hair, I thought out loud, “Wow. This makes twice in the last 12 hours. That has to be some sort of Brandon Leister record.”
And because I said that? He’ll probably start some sort of silly shower strike. Because that’s the person I live with.

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