The difference between fishing and catching

by Katie on April 5, 2010

So, Brandon and I embarked upon a little fishing trip the weekend before Easter, in hopes of catching enough fish to be able to invite a few friends to a Good Friday fish fry.
As I’ve already told most everyone who asked about our trip, it was more like I went fishing and Brandon went catching. Of the 12 bass we were able to bring home, I think two were mine, maybe just one.
Which didn’t go over so well with my pride.
I’ll admit, I spent half of Sunday sulking on the back of the boat, not wanting Brandon to provide a single other “tip” for the day or “suggest” another bait, or really, say anything to me at all.
But, I felt much better on Monday when his luck began to wane as well. Pretty soon, he began asking every fishing boat we encountered what kind of luck they were having, what type of bait they were using, etc.
On toward the evening, after speaking with our last boat of fellow fishermen, Brandon asked me, “You know, I’m asking all these guys what they’re using. How come no one asks what we’re throwin’ in the water?”
I replied, “Well, probably because they know that if you’re asking, you’re not catching.”
“Hmm, you’re probably right…”
We decided to try to make this trip an annual event. But hopefully I’ll get to go catching next year, and Brandon can fish from the back of the boat.

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