Sweet redemption

by Katie on April 9, 2010

So I lied.
We’re just going to talk about fishing this week.
Because we went again. As I told my sister, “Life is good when you have an employee. One who knows what he’s doing, anyway.”
And it’s true. Life has been good. So good that after we went on a two-day fishing excursion the weekend before Easter, we were able to spend Wednesday on the lake this week.
And the best part? I had some luck this time. I caught the first fish of the day. At the time, I thought this was a bad sign. I had also caught the first fish on our last trip, and only caught two more for the next two days; one of them the last fish.
But I was quickly proven wrong. Around mid-day, Brandon asked how many fish we had so far. Without opening the live well, I quickly informed him we had nine fish in the boat, “Four for me, five for you.”
“Really?” he said, “You’ve been keeping track?”
“Of course. It’s in my nature. You thought I wouldn’t?”
“Okay, fine. But I don’t think you really want to play this game.”
“Game on, Buddy.”
So I spent the rest of the afternoon falling down by two, catching up, getting up one, then falling behind again. I think our final count for the day was 23 fish caught, with Brandon leading by two.
But, I had some distinguishing factors that I think help even us up.
  1. I caught a carp, which although they’re nasty and I really didn’t want to catch it, Brandon says they’re really hard to catch, so I felt kind of good about that.
  2. I caught the only two bass of the trip. We were fishing for crappie, but still. Bass are better, and definitely put up more of a fight.
  3. Once again, I caught the first and last fish of the day.
  4. I caught the biggest, fattest, most full of eggs mama crappie, and I caught her by the throat. I think if we would’ve counted pounds caught, rather than fish caught, I would have won, or at least been even. And that’s what really counts, right?
  5. I probably used half as many minnows as Brandon. Where he averaged two casts per minnow, I averaged closer to 20. Seriously. We went through six dozen of the little guys before 3:30pm. So I caught almost as many fish on half the bait.
On the way home I told Brandon, “You know, really, we weren’t killing those minnows or using them for bait. We were just assisting them in fulfilling their role in the food chain.”
We will also be assisting all those crappie in fulfilling their roles.

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