One last fishing story

by Katie on April 8, 2010

We were supposed to leave for the lake at 10am on Saturday. This turned into 3pm. So by the time we got there, all we could do was set up camp and break out the bucket of fried chicken we had picked up to eat on all weekend.
But before we could climb in the tent, Brandon insisted we get all our gear ready so we wouldn’t “waste any fishing time” once the sun came up.
So we got back on the boat with a lantern and began assembling our tackle. When you fish with Brandon, you also have to bring a minimum of three rods per person, each set up for a different type of bait, so that, “When you decide to switch, it’s ready. There’s no down time.”
First, I got instruction on how to properly tie on the hook I would be using. Then I had to try for myself. It seemed just fine to me, but when I tugged to check it, the whole line broke. I went on a little rant telling Brandon how I had done it correctly, there was no reason it should have broken, I had no idea what went wrong, and on and on.
Until we realized the problem. I had been holding my pole across the lantern. Heat and fishing line? No good together. My hook was secured just fine. The line had melted.
Then Brandon requested my assistance in tying two different lines together to create a “leader” or whatever it is he called it.
We went through the whole process five or six times, with the line snapping each time. Finally, Brandon said, “Okay, this is the last time, I promise. If it doesn’t work, we’ll put it up.”
Well, it didn’t work. But it also wasn’t the last time.
Four tries and 20 minutes later, I was completely annoyed, but he had his leader.
And after wasting probably 100 yards of fishing line, we called it a night.
And that’s the last thing you’ll have to hear about fishing…until our next trip, anyway.

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