Here we go again…

by Katie on April 7, 2010

So, yeah…Brandon got another elk tag this year. Once again, he was one of the fifteen luckiest elk hunters in the state of Arizona.
He and fourteen other hunters will get two weeks at the end of September to sling an arrow at some of the biggest bulls in the state. We’re just hoping he comes away with the biggest.
We’ve already called the taxidermist and asked him to hold off on last year’s bull in case this one is bigger. Because we certainly will not have two elk shoulder mounts in our home. We’re still trying to figure out where to put one.
But for the time being, I have to live with the guy who drew an awesome elk tag.
Granted, I didn’t get pounced on at 2am like last year, but what I had to endure was nearly as bad.
We were on the lake when he found out. We turned a corner into a cove, and Brandon’s phone started buzzing like crazy. I think there were a total of nine messages letting him know the draw results were out.
Then we tried to get through on the AZ Game and Fish line, which rang busy three times before Brandon’s phone went out of service. We then went through calls and text messages to a friend and his parents, along with 20 minutes of anxiety-inducing waiting, before we finally heard back from his mom.
No tag for me, of course. But Brandon? Brandon had a hunt. An early 23 South archery hunt.
Now, his mom only had the hunt number. So it took five more calls before Brandon found someone with a hunting regulations book to confirm it was indeed the hunt that would warrant all his whooping, hollering, jumping, fist pumping, running around the boat. With other anglers staring.
I’m pretty sure I told him at one point, “Brandon, settle down. Everyone on this lake is going to hate you.”
“I don’t care. You know why? ‘Cause I have an elk tag, baby!”
And I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing that exact statement many times over the course of the next six months.
Lucky me.

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