Going to Texas mode

by Katie on April 23, 2010

So I left for Texas last Saturday. And started gearing up at least five days early. I mean, this is a big deal. It’s Texas we’re talking about.
By Thursday, I was nearly bursting with anticipation.
As soon as Brandon walked into the kitchen that morning for breakfast, I started drilling him.
“What time do you think we need to leave for the airport?”
“Katie, what day are you leaving again?”
“So maybe we could revisit that question tomorrow night?”
I was okay with that. I’m a fairly reasonable person. I would agree it was a bit premature.
Then he was bombarded with a list of questions concerning all the things I had to get done around here before I could leave, any instructions I had for him while I was away, and I even showed him how I had lovingly arranged the freezer in the kitchen to contain only things he might need while I was away: ice cream, beef hot links and buns, four servings of lasagna, Toaster Strudel, whiskey and so on.
When I finished, he muttered, “Oh, great. It’s already started.”
“Your ‘I’m-going-to-Texas’ mode. Where nothing else matters until you leave.”
And he just might be on to something here…

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