Biggest fish of my life

by Katie on April 6, 2010

I already mentioned Brandon did all the catching on our fishing trip last weekend. No need to dwell on that any longer.
But, I didn’t mention he caught the biggest fish of his life over the weekend.
And here she is, y’all:
all whopping three pounds of her.
Bass are pretty much known for putting up quite a fight for their size. Something Brandon has had a great deal of experience with over many years of fishing.
But when this gal got on the end of his line late Sunday afternoon, he just knew he had the catch of the day. Which I guess he did…in our boat.
So he’s hollering at me to get the net, running around the boat, following this fish thrashing on his line. And right before the fish surfaces, he shouts, “This is the biggest fish of my life!”
Then when I scooped her into the net: “Or, maybe not…”
But to Brandon’s credit, this catch did make the biggest contribution to our fish fry.

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