Another Katie moment

by Katie on April 22, 2010

I was out irrigating last week, and noticed a really nasty smell coming from near my truck when I got back in.
Now, I didn’t really think much of it. It’s pretty common to find dead fish in and around the irrigation ditch, and in the field. So I assumed that was what I was smelling.
But later, upon entering my truck at the opposite end of the ditch, I caught the stench again. It seriously smelled like something had died and was rotting. I would have sworn it was coming from underneath my truck. I had no idea what it could possibly be.
I sent Brandon a message reading, “I think something died under my truck.”
I knew it was quite common for cats to climb into engines, so I thought that maybe a neighbor cat had done that, and I had killed it when I started my truck. Logical, right?
Two days later, Brandon was helping me load a mower into the back of my truck, and he smelled it too. At this point, it was awful.
I had brought a bag of trash to dump when I met him, so he thought it was coming from the trash bag. But I told him I had just loaded that bag a few hours before, and the odor had been present for several days.
I dumped the trash bag just a few minutes later. And found the source of the smell.
I called Brandon to let him know.
“You know how I told you it wasn’t the trash in my truck that smelled dead?”
“Well, it was trash. Just not that trash. It was a plastic bag of fish ribs and scraps from cleaning those fish we caught last week. I put it back there, but forgot about it, and never made it to the dumpster.”
“And here we have another Katie Moment.”

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