You wouldn’t even know

by Katie on March 4, 2010

For supper Tuesday, we planned to have some teriyaki-pineapple porkchops we’d had marinating in the fridge a few days.
Now, since we were going to grill the porkchops, Brandon was in charge of cooking them. Grill equals man territory at the Leister residence. We have our reasons.
So when he got home, I had everything out and ready — he just needed to fire up the grill and lay those bad boys down.
Only he had other plans. You see, was particularly entertaining that night. Even more so than usual. After much pleading, begging and nagging polite requesting on my part, he finally got our porkchops going.
In fact, he might have been a little overzealous with our supper.
After checking them the first time, he returned to announce they were “burnt to a crisp on the outside, not done on the inside”.
Just what a hungry girl wants to hear about her supper.
I kept telling him it couldn’t possibly be that bad, keeping high hopes about my meal.
Only, it was that bad.
After he laid the chops down on our plates, I proceeded to give him a hard time about the over-grilling. Like any good wife, right?
He retaliated with, “If I hadn’t told you it was burnt, you wouldn’t even have noticed.”
Y’all, this is the porkchop:

Helen Keller would have noticed.
I said, “Really? You don’t think I would have caught on?”
“Well, maybe if I would have turned it over and covered it with the pineapple…”
Even so, there’s only so much you can do with appearances.
I have to admit, he gave me the “less done” one, and after I shaved off some of the, let’s call it… “crust”, it really wasn’t bad. Quite good, in fact.
But still noticeably burnt.

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