Wishing there were two of me

by Katie on March 19, 2010

Monday was just one of those Mondays that makes people dread Mondays.
We don’t worry about the whole Monday thing too much on the farm, since every day is basically the same. With the slight exception of trying to fit in some church time on Sundays. Between water changes, of course.
But this Monday, Mid-day, after I had:
  • woken at 4:45am and sent Brandon out the door to man some water,
  • spent two hours working on a writing project,
  • made a water change and temporarily tended a blown out ditch (Brandon had to fix it later with the backhoe),
  • purchased a money order at the bank to cover Brandon’s traffic ticket and mailed it all off,
  • driven 25 miles to the other farm to tend water there for two hours, including an overflowing ditch,
  • picked up a prescription and a few staple grocery items (milk, jalapenos, Rotel),
  • loaded hay for cows that still hadn’t been fed at our house and picked up business mail that gets delivered to Brandon’s parents’ house,
Brandon sent a barrage of text messages concerning my remaining tasks of the day, including:
  • completing and printing financial statements for our loan officer with the Farm Service Agency,
  • gathering materials for our meeting with the accountant in the morning,
  • finally feeding the cows that expected a 7:30am meal,
  • taking a check to the fertilizer company to pay the balance on our monthly bill,
  • making a couple more water changes, and walking the entire field to make sure everything was wet, in time for Brandon to order more water for remaining dry areas,
  • returning to the field at dark to turn off fertilizer and set up the ditch for more water to arrive at 6:30am,
  • come up with something for us to eat,
  • and updating our cattle records with a breeding I observed the day before.
And during all this, I’m still thinking about the 16 unedited pages I left open on my computer screen that morning. Which are due to my client shortly. Like, as soon as I can get them done.
That’s when I sent him a message that said, “I think this is just one of those days where I could use two of me.”
And he agreed.
Because if my day was overwhelming, you don’t even want to imagine his.

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