Why you get an education

by Katie on March 15, 2010

Not long Two days after I moved here, Brandon had me hard at work on the farm. Walking, sometimes running through fields with shovels and giant boards to help the water flow.
On about day three of my farm training, we were taking a mid-morning break on the side of the road, dumping muddy water out of our rubber boots and catching our breath. It was a Saturday, so there was quite a bit of family traffic on the road.
As we sat there, exhausted, covered head to toe in mud and water, I said, “You know, I bet every one of these parents driving by is turning around telling their kids in the back seat, ‘You see? That’s why you get an education.’ Little do they know, there’s nearly three Masters degrees between the two of us.”
I’ve told that story many times, and some of my mom’s teacher-friends have told me they’ve gotten some mileage out of it too, as far as giving those “follow your dreams” kind of speeches. But we all know it’s probably true.
Brandon gets people asking what he’s doing farming with his sort of academic achievements all the time. In fact, he’s really been surprised by the number of people involved in agriculture themselves who have asked similar questions. But I really like the answer he often gives. It’s not just your standard “because it’s what I want to do,” answer.
He usually says something like, “I got an education so I could have options and choose what I wanted to do for myself, not just so I could get a good job in town.”
And that’s why Rocker 7 Farms is around. Because we’re educated.

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