What supper rates around here

by Katie on March 10, 2010

Brandon and I started this little game a few months back. Every night at supper, he “rates” his meal, on a one to ten scale.

Now, in order to keep our marriage in tact, he does not rate it based on how it compares to the meal we ate out two weeks ago, or his mother’s cooking last Thursday, or anything like that.
It’s a rating system based solely on my cooking. This way, even when something gets a depressing score, like a four, it just means it couldn’t hold a candle to the fried elk steaks and gravy I make which consistently receive a ten.
I feel like it’s a good system. And very helpful, so I can get an idea of what his favorite meals are, things I should only make if I really like them, or things that are just somewhere in between.
During one of our rating sessions this week, whatever I made scored a solid seven, which is a rather popular rating.
I remembered a recent meal scoring a ten, but couldn’t recall what it was.
“What’s the point of me rating our food if you don’t remember?” Brandon asked.
“I usually do. I just can’t remember this one. And I want to write them down, really keep track. You know, I should totally make a spreadsheet for this.”
And so I did.
Just last night, I sent Brandon a GoogleDoc where I had listed every food item we commonly make around here, with a place for him to fill in its rating.
Only, he requested I “restructure the x-axis so that it is graphable.”
We’re not weird, I promise.

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