Pouring grease, Part Two

by Katie on March 8, 2010

Since Brandon read through my recollection on learning where to pour grease, we’ve had a discussion on the topic nearly every day.
Because yes, when it’s raining on the farm, we seriously have nothing better to talk about.
In fact, I spent half of yesterday moping around like a little kid saying, “I’m bored. I am soooo bored.” So much so, that when Brandon said, “What do you want to do? Go shovel in the rain?” I jumped at the idea with an enthusiastic, “Sure! Sounds great!”
But I digress…
Anyway, he has has since informed me of the following:
  1. My solution sending it straight to the dog buckets was perfectly acceptable. But I already knew this. And, as I mentioned, it doesn’t work for the whole ground meat issue.
  2. My red plastic “throw-away” cup will indeed melt. It’s just a matter of time.
  3. It would be okay to use the hard plastic cup, as long as we designated one of them as a grease cup, where it only had one purpose and could never mistakenly be used as a drinking cup again.
  4. What’s so wrong about keeping an aluminum can on the counter? I let him know this was wrong in soooo many ways. Chiefly, I’m not a leave-things-on-the-counter kind of girl, despite what our current lack of kitchen space might suggest.
So yeah, this is what happens when you get an inch of rain on the farm.

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