“With this ring, I thee…

by Katie on February 4, 2010

throw to a pack of coyotes.”

So maybe those aren’t the exact words Brandon used a year and a half ago, but they should have been.
He and his buddy Travis participated in a calling contest this past weekend, where they tried to kill more coyotes, fox or bobcats than 52 other teams of men in one day. He got home Sunday morning.
Monday night, after searching through his gear as he unpacked, he told me he couldn’t find his wedding ring.
He tried to reassure me by saying, “But I still have my Aggie ring.”
And, technically, it is. That Aggie ring probably cost twice as much as his wedding band. But as far as importance? Not so sure about that.
It had surprised me he hadn’t worn it to church on Sunday, but he was in a rush to get ready, so I assumed he had simply forgotten. Well, he had forgotten alright. Forgotten to pick it up off the ground after a calling stand that weekend.
He doesn’t wear it all that much. He’s a farmer, so it’s pretty dangerous for him to wear it to workn. But any time we go into town, on vacation, basically doing anything other than work, he wears it. I don’t think he’s ever worn it hunting. This weekend being the exception, of course.
And I don’t blame him for his habits in wearing it. I don’t wear my diamond when we’re doing things like that anymore. My farm work typically doesn’t involve things that are too dangerous to wear rings, so I just wear my wedding band, mainly to avoid ever watching my pretty diamond get washed down an irrigation ditch. Same when we go hunting.
But for some crazy reason, he decided to wear his wedding ring that weekend. Which didn’t work out too well against the metal hand call he was using. Apparently it kept making noise as he was working his hands around the call.
So at some point, he took it off so the coyotes wouldn’t be scared off by the clanking noise. Only, now he can’t remember where it went after that. In a pocket? In his pack? In the snow? In the truck?
And we were able to search everywhere except the snow. So we’re guessing that’s where it is.
By Wednesday, we had searched through every pair of pants, both vehicles that were on the hunting trip, and every hunting pack, bag and food container. No ring.
So we resigned to get him a new one, especially before we travel to Texas this weekend for my sister’s wedding and my family thinks he’s weird.
We found some on Wal-Mart.com for around $40, and one on Craigslist for $25. We weren’t sure exactly what size he wore, or what it would cost to have one resized, and there’s a Wal-Mart right next to one of our fields. Conveniently, I had to drop him off at a tractor there Wednesday afternoon, so we stopped in Wal-Mart on the way.
We walked straight to the ring counter, told the saleslady we needed a men’s wedding band, got her to size Brandon’s finger, and pointed to one of three options in that size. It fit. We told her to box it up.
Brandon said, “I can handle this kind of wedding shopping.”
Quite likely, the quickest sale the lady had ever made at the wedding ring counter. No lie: from the time we parked until we were back in the truck was no longer than five minutes. Max.
As Brandon got out his wallet to give Wal-Mart his $48, he said, “Now if only marriage were this easy…”

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