One magical time

by Katie on February 18, 2010

Monday night was the first in a week of around the clock irrigating for our barley crop about six miles west of our house.

Generally, I take care of this field during the day, and Brandon keeps watch between the hours of 10 pm and 4am. Because I am a big chicken. And completely willing to admit it.

I always offer to accompany Brandon, drive him, or even do the work — if he’ll just go out there with me.

You see, this field is pitch black. I am scared of the dark. Already not a good combination.

It’s also right off a pretty busy road, which isn’t so comforting for a female in the middle of the night. This female, anyway. I realize there are a lot of women who are much braver, and wouldn’t have a problem with this entire situation.

Anyway, he very rarely goes along with me accompanying him, or vice-versa. He finds it “ridiculous”. He says if he’s going to be awake anyway, he might as well just take care of it. So basically, the only times I go with him are when he is super tired and needs a driver, or needs someone to shine a few lights so he doesn’t fall in the ditch.

The problem is, I’m much better at waking up for the water changes. Brandon? Not so much. He is a zombie after he first falls asleep, and doesn’t remember getting out of bed during the night, even if he got out of bed, turns off a blaring alarm, got halfway dressed, walked down the hall, then returned to bed.

And often, I fall back asleep after so long of trying to get him up during the night.

Needless to say, our overnight water changes are often…late. Or, sometimes nonexistent.

Monday night wasn’t so bad. He was only two hours late on the first one, and one hour on the second one.

But, it did mean that what should have been our third nighttime change got pushed back to daylight.

So I wake him up Tuesday morning after I returned from making that third change. And twenty minutes later, I wake him up again.

He complains about how he was up during the night and such.

And I remind him how I offered to go with him every time he left during the night and share in his misery.

“No, you just offered the first time and the last time.”

“Um, Brandon, you only went twice last night, remember? So the first and last time would have been every time.”

“Oh…You forgot about that one magical time I went.”

“That one magical time, huh?”

“Yeah, it was nice.”

Oh, if only all of our nighttime irrigating could be “magical”…but actually get done.


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