A Brandon calculation

by Katie on February 2, 2010

So, my baby sister gets married this Saturday. As in, four days from today.
As her matron of honor (Who made up that word, anyway? It sounds awful and old!), I wanted to do something nice for her this weekend, since my Arizona residency has kept me from participating in all the wedding-related events so far (shower, bachelorette party, etc.).
A while back, Allison and I decided we would host a Bridal Brunch for her and the rest of the bridal party.
One of my assigned tasks was to make sausage balls. I wanted to pre-make and freeze them before traveling so we would have one less thing to do early Saturday morning. So I spent an hour Sunday afternoon making my sausage balls.
As soon as my timer went off, Brandon came to the kitchen in search of a snack. I told him if he had to try the sausage balls, he could only have two.
I had ended up with a batch of 42, and thought I could get by just fine with an even 40, considering the small number of guests and assortment of other foods we planned to have.
So he immediately grabbed two sausage balls off the cookie sheet, and popped them in his mouth, practically at the same time.
Later, he hollered from the kitchen, “So you’re going to take 39 sausage balls to this thing?”
“No, I made 42. I told you you could have two of them.”
“Yeah, I know. So you’re taking 39, right?”
“Brandon Leister, you ate a third one, didn’t you?”
“Do you want me to eat another one so it’s an even 38?”
Oh, that boy…and I still have to get the remaining 39 to Texas in four days, living and traveling with him. Luckily, they’re already frozen. I’m hoping they don’t thaw out during our flight.

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