You people

by Katie on January 19, 2010

A couple nights ago, we wanted a quick and easy supper, so we threw together burritos with some prepared taco meat I had on hand. I knew Brandon would want a little more than meat and cheese, so I inspected our canned goods, and asked him if he would like pinto or black beans on his burrito.
He wanted pintos.
I said, “Man, you people out here like your pinto beans, don’t you?”
And I say that because, seriously, if anyone in this state serves you a bean, five bucks says it’s a pinto bean.
He replied, “You peo-ple? What does that mean? I guess just like you people like your crawfish…and your gumbo…and rice…and red beans…”
So, just another example of our regional — almost cultural — differences.
But I’m pretty sure his Arizona boys didn’t have a bit of trouble polishing off the crawfish served at our rehearsal dinner.
I mean, do these boys look like they’re missing pinto beans to you?

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