The dangers of grilled cheese

by Katie on January 4, 2010

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup — a favorite for both of us.
I’m not so sure it will continue to be a favorite for Brandon.
He was in the middle of chowing down on his two grilled cheese sandwiches when there was a loud crunch.
“What is that?” he asked. Then started fumbling with the half-chewed bite in his mouth to find the crunch culprit. He pulled it out and held it up.
“Katie. I think it’s glass. In my sandwich.”
“No way! How would glass have gotten into your sandwich?”
“That’s what I was planning on asking you, actually.”
So we continued on with lunch, both carefully inspecting our grilled cheese for more glass shards.
Brandon ended up with a total of four pieces of glass on his sandwiches, one of which was quite large.
My sandwich, oddly, was glass free.
Brandon asked, “You didn’t go get a life insurance policy on me or something, did you?”
Later, we were trying to figure out where in the world the glass came from. I really had no idea.
Then Brandon asked a question that sparked my memory, “Did you drop it [the sandwich] on the floor where you broke something and didn’t get it cleaned up good, and then just put it on my plate?”
About 20 seconds later, I had an epiphany. “You know what? I didn’t drop your sandwich on the floor. But last week, I pulled some butter in a little glass bowl out of the fridge and had it in the microwave about 12 seconds to melt it some, and the bowl cracked. I just poured all the butter into a new bowl and kept using it. I used the last of that butter on the griddle today.”
…Brandon just shook his head.
[By the time I decided to share this story, Brandon had already thrown away the glass shards we had on a napkin, so I couldn’t take a picture of them. But I assure you, one of them would have done some intestinal damage.]

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