Our not-fried bathroom

by Katie on January 2, 2010

I had Brandon read the story about how I washed the new bathroom, mainly so he could see the pictures immediately following the aftermath, since I had it mostly dry by the time he got home.
I was washing dishes, and he yelled, “Ka-tie!”
Me: “Yeah…?”
Brandon: “You did not tell me the outlet made a ‘buzz’ and then a ‘snap’ and then ‘was quiet’ yesterday. You just asked if I thought the water had damaged the outlet, and I told you no.”
Me: “Oh. I thought I followed that question with, ‘Even if it makes a sound after the water hits it?’ And you said no to that too.”
Brandon: “No, that second question definitely never happened.”
Me: “Oh. Oops.”
Brandon: “So do you think that’s what happened to the light bar switch too? Was it working before you hit the water?”
Me: “I don’t know. I didn’t check it until after…”
So he set off on a mission to determine whether we had a working electrical outlet and light switch. He did something outside, and had me “reset” the switch, then check it with my blow dryer.
When he first told me to check the outlet, I was a bit apprehensive.
“Are you sure it’s not going to shock me when I turn it on?” I asked.
“Positive,” he said.
“And I have to use my blow dryer? My curling iron would be cheaper to replace.”
“No. It has to be the blow dryer.”
“And it’s really not going to shock me?”
“Just plug it in!”
I am happy to report both the light and electrical outlet have been restored to working order. And even happier to report I did not experience any electrical currents during the process.

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