No, we didn’t wash away

by Katie on January 25, 2010

Last week, in a matter of two days, we received nearly half of our annual rainfall.
And let me tell you, these desert people really have no idea what to do with all that water.
The weathermen “braved” the big storm to report live from the wind and rain, like it was a category 5 hurricane or something. With all the gasping for breath, hanging on to a wind-blown tree shouting through the rain. It felt like home.
A few highlights from the storm:
  • Our Internet was down for four days. We had a mini storm come through on Tuesday, which messed something up at our house. I really think our Internet goes out every time it sprinkles. They couldn’t fix it until Friday, after the huge storm blew through, and then the big tower was down.
  • Our front yard is probably six inches tall. It needed to be mowed before it got 3.5 inches of rain water. The day of the first rain, we tried to get it done before the skies opened up. I was running around the yard picking things up, and Brandon was pushing the mower at lightning speed. But, by the time he made two rounds, we were both soaked and had to give up. It might be dry enough today. If not, we’ll just bring over the swather and baler later this week.
  • Our cows are walking through a foot of mud. The old show cow I brought from Texas is shut in a pen with a bull right now; in a sloppy mess after the rain. When we were feeding yesterday, Brandon said, “Look, I bet she thinks she’s back in Texas.”
  • I saw an actual running river for the first time since I moved here. They are typically just a dry riverbed.
  • We ended up with only one flooded field – and it’s the only one that doesn’t currently have a crop. So the farm lucked out.
  • We were able to spend lots of quality time together. Which means Brandon is finding every little thing he can tinker with in the shop this week, just to have something to do away from the house. Or maybe I just suggested he do that?

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