Meet the cast, part two: Brandon’s family

by Katie on January 29, 2010

This brings us to the in-laws. I really hit the jackpot marrying into this family.
These are Brandon’s parents:
They are probably most famous for not getting angry after we put a calf in their laundry room, helping me retrieve cactus from my backside, and packing my elk to the Jeep. Without them, we would not have drinking water or clean laundry. Which are just a few small reasons we appreciate them.
Brandon’s older brother, Justin:
So, I just realized we’ll have to tell a Justin story soon. But just so you know, this guy can quote lines from just about any country song written since, oh, I don’t know, 1940, and any movie produced since, let’s say 1970. Seriously. Looking for entertainment reviews? Ask him. And also, he’s a master at winning those radio contests. The only movies I’ve seen since moving here have been on free tickets he won. He tells me to “just let him know” when I hear of a concert I want to go to, and he’ll win tickets. Not try to win tickets. He’ll just win them.
And rounding out the family, there’s Brandon’s younger sister, Amanda:

We talked about how she and I set a really good example for a troop of Boy Scouts, how she just knew we didn’t have a washing machine yet, and how I went to visit her in the Midwest. I probably could not have found a more appropriate picture of this girl, even though she’ll probably want to lynch me.

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