A normal people weekend

by Katie on January 18, 2010

Last weekend, we had to take turns irrigating every couple hours all weekend, along with some shovel work, moving cows around, etc. No big deal. This is pretty much the picture of every weekend for us. Actually, it was probably a mild one.
During one of the shifts where we both ended up at the house at the same time for a bit, I asked Brandon what “normal people” did on the weekends. Because I’m fairly certain our weekends are not “normal”, but they’re all I know as far as spending them with a spouse. (And by “normal people”, I guess I’m just talking about non-farmers.)
He replied, “I don’t know…watch TV? …Eat?”
Then I reminded him we didn’t have TV, nor did either of us particularly enjoy camping out in front of one anyway (which is why it doesn’t bother us one bit to not have one). And, I feel like we both put in our fair share of eating, without spending a whole day doing it.
But as this weekend came to a close, I feel like I can answer my own question now. We had what I would classify as a “normal people” weekend.
Sure, we had to wrap up Sunday with a few light farm chores to prepare for the massive storm system that’s supposed to pound the desert all week. But for the most part, the forty-eight hours between Friday night and Sunday night were spent enjoying each other and taking some time off.
So, what did we do on our “normal people” weekend?
When Brandon got home, I was in the middle of preparing some baked potato soup for supper. Brandon checked his email, his top three weather sites, and CouesWhitetail.com, then helped me finish up (he scraped all the potato insides into the pot and added some seasoning). After supper, we settled in with the laptop to watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy that played the night before, and turned in early.
Saturday morning, we woke at the crack of dawn to drive out into the desert and do some critter callin’. We quickly found the desert to be overrun with city folk escaping into the mountains with caravans of Jeeps, four-wheelers, Rangers and such, which put quite a damper on our calling plans. We finally found a road clear of the general population, and Brandon was able to call in two coyotes on one stand.
I didn’t see the first one until he was running away. I heard Brandon getting his gun and figured he was too far away from me, so I just sat back and watched. And yes, I caught a lot of flack for this later. Brandon’s first shot spooked out the second coyote, but they were both running fast, so we didn’t end up with any dead-critter pictures.
After our morning of calling, we watched the Cardinals lose with some friends, then played a couple of card games.
Sunday, we made breakfast, went to church, did some laundry, washed dishes, and cleaned up all the cattle-feeding areas before the rain came today.
All in all, a well-rounded, well-rested, normal people weekend: a few chores, football, friends, a TV show and nothing rushed or hurried about it. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.
Brandon was sure to inform me on Sunday he was currently “banking time” with me while the farm wasn’t super busy. In other words, take advantage of these normal people weekends while they’re available, because they are limited in quantity.

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