Wherin we get wiped out by an eighth grader

by Katie on December 29, 2009

I have to begin with this fact: I now have giant brothers.
We went to Texas for Christmas to find I am the family runt. My baby brother has a good fifteen pounds and two inches on me. My older baby brother has twenty pounds and five inches on me.
Five inches, y’all.
As in, Brandon and my brother who I witnessed being born are now the same height.
So, the boys thought they would be able to throw their weight around a little more now.
On my second day in Texas, they challenged my sister and I (she’s been taller than me most our lives) to a game of basketball, thinking they would finally be able to beat us.
But, they didn’t even come close. We ended up not even really keeping score because we didn’t want to embarrass them. Let’s just say we would have won by a very decent margin.
After that game, we decided to have a Christmas Morning Boyer Family Basketball Showdown.
We paired up like this: Katie, Brandon and Morgan vs. Calli, Eric and Mason.
In our team huddle before the game started, I directed Brandon to guard Calli (she was by far the biggest threat), Morgan to take Eric, and I would have Mason.
Morgan questioned me on this: “But Katie, Mason can beat you up. Are you sure you want to guard him?”
I responded with, “Morgan, who on that team can’t beat me up?”
And Brandon added, “Uh, she has a point, Morgan.”
Anyway, the game finally started. In the first possession, Calli came down with a rebound and swinging elbows, nearly knocking me out when one of them caught my forehead. The next day, she had a bruised elbow and I had a red bump on my head.
On the third possession, I had the ball at the top of the key (the imaginary one, since we were playing in the driveway), and managed to get around my defender. One step in front of the goal, I lifted into the air to make what I thought would be an easy layup over the front rim.
The next thing I knew, however, Mason and I were tangled up, sprawled out on the concrete. Apparently, he was thinking more along the lines of me being a football receiver catching a pass in the end zone, rather than a basketball player going up for a layup. I now have a sore hip and a couple bruises to show for that.
A bit later in the game, Brandon crashed the board for a rebound, and ended up flat on the concrete after another tackle by Mason.
Toward the end of the game, Brandon took two more turns being wiped out on the ground by Mason jamming a knee into his thigh.
And let me tell you, these are only the highlights. They don’t count the endless over-the-backs, bear hugs and elbow throws Mason dished out during the game. To his own teammates as well.
Despite the linebacker on my sister’s team, Brandon, Morgan and I ended up winning the game 20 to 10. I’m pretty sure Calli is going to have Eric running sprints and doing drills in preparation for our next game.
And Brandon and I will be searching for football pads to wear.

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