Wherein I cave to the cold

by Katie on December 4, 2009

About this time last year, we were having nightly disagreements over the heater.
Last August, we paid an outrageous electricity bill. Like, so bad I don’t even want to mention the numbers. Since then, I have been determined to not pay the Arizona Public Service Company a dime more than what is absolutely necessary.
Which meant I was completely against heating our home. Every night, Brandon would beg for the heater. Every night, I would dismiss his begging. And together, we would freeze.
A little more than a week ago, this cycle began to repeat itself. The temperature inside our house would range from 60 to 66 degrees. All day long. So even at noon when the temperature was relatively warm outside, I was still walking around in full sweats, a beanie and fluffy socks inside.
Then last night came along. Brandon was making his routine weather checks before we headed to bed, and I was standing behind him. Shivering, because I didn’t have my sweatshirt on at the time.
He announces Weather.com was predicting a freeze tonight. So was AccuWeather.com. And NOAA.gov. (I mean, doesn’t everyone check the weather from a minimum of three sources multiple times a day?)
And not just tonight. For the next four nights or more. At this announcement, I simply walked over to the thermostat, clicked the heater on, and listened to the sound of relief.
Ten minutes later, Brandon asks, “Hey, what’s that I hear blowing air constantly? Did you…did you turn the heater on?!”
“You bet I did. As soon as you said four nights of freezing temperatures, I walked over there and flipped the switch. It’s time.”
And last night, I didn’t have to sleep in full sweats. Or a beanie.

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