by Katie on December 30, 2009

What happens when my husband gets me a brand new bathroom for Christmas?
I trash it.
So maybe “trash” isn’t exactly correct. But “temporarily damage” definitely is.
After more than four years, Brandon finally decided it was time to actually make a master bathroom out of the hole in our house where birds kept nesting.
He kept insisting he wanted to “finish what he started” when he demolished the entire room (stripped it down to the drywall and concrete and knocked out a giant window). Sometime this November, he realized as long as he was farming, this was not going to happen. So he broke down and hired someone.
And as of yesterday, we had a functional, pretty bathroom, with just a few final touches to add. Okay, so maybe a countertop and sink for the vanity isn’t exactly a “final touch”, but if you really knew what we started out with, you might think so.
So, yeah. Shower and toilet are installed and working. We have a tile floor I want to replicate in the rest of our house. I have a pretty red wall. And the vanity, which was by far the most difficult to component to come by, is installed. Unfortunately, my driving resulted in a cracked sink in the countertop that came with it.
I will fully admit I had absolutely no grasp of reality when it came to home remodeling/repair until 2009. Until then, I was a poor college student who could call a landlord for repairs, and just dealt with the things I didn’t like about my rental residence. Brandon had already spent several years working on this house before I came on board. He just laughed at me when, every time he sent me to the store after a needed item, I would call and say, “Are you sure we need this? You must have no idea how expensive these things are. Can’t we just get by without it?”
…I’m pretty sure some of this was just an exercise for me on spending money when we need to.
Anyway, the vanity. After checking Lowe’s (three times), Home Depot and Ikea, I told Brandon there was no way I could spend what was required to purchase a brand new vanity, sink/countertop and faucet. So we began looking on Craigslist. The one I really wanted was about two inches longer than we needed, and stood against the opposite wall than it would in our house. Another one I really liked was on the northeast side of Phoenix, and their asking price was too high. And so on…
I finally, the night before I left Texas, found a suitable vanity, complete with a double-sink countertop. The faucets were ugly, but I found a couple for $25 at Home Depot (which, if you’ve ever walked down the aisle of faucets, you’ll know this is cheap).
So I take this thing home, park my truck, and fly out the next morning. When I get home, Brandon informs me somewhere between when I picked it up and it getting to our house, one of the sinks cracked.
And that’s where we stand. An installed, open-top vanity in our otherwise-complete new bathroom.
Other “finishing touches” yesterday included me installing light bulbs in the bar over the mirror, and electrical/light switch plate covers. Things like that.
I was screwing in the second light bulb when Brandon called. Still on the phone, I was climbing out of the open-top vanity (I had to stand in there to reach the lights), and must have kicked the sink valve.
I turned around to find a wall of water (remember, these valves haven’t been opened in nearly five years, which builds up a lot of pressure) spraying up my pretty red wall, on the ceiling, to the floor, and basically soaking everything in there. Including the inside of our open-top vanity.
I started shouting into the phone, “Oh, no! Oh, no! Noooo! I just ruined our pretty bathroom! My red wall!”
…As I reached through the waterfall to close the valve.
The aftermath was not so pretty. But most of the damage was easily taken care of with some towels.
I am concerned I may have fried the electrical outlet. It started making a buzzing sound after I got the water turned off, then a snap sound, and it’s been quiet ever since. And it’s the only outlet in the entire bathroom.
The only really bad damage was the ceiling:
My untrusty valve:

Let’s just say it was quite the experience for my first big home improvement project.

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