One good thing about the desert

by Katie on December 16, 2009

My mom is a big fan of where I live. She thinks a giant cactus is the prettiest thing ever. (I know. Even Brandon, who grew up here, thinks this is crazy.) When we’ve driven her through places we think are ugly here, she stares out the window wide-eyed and comments on how beautiful it is.
My dad? Not so much. He says the only thing worth seeing in this state is Brandon and me. He likes his swamp.
He called in the middle of the day a few weeks ago, and when I answered, his first words were, “Well, Baby, I finally found out one good thing about the desert.”
“What’s that, Dad?”
“Well, you won’t ever have to move cows in mud up to your knees. That’s what I’ve been doing today.”
“Um, maybe not. But Brandon’s going to move them in the middle of a dust storm later today.”
Dad laughs…
“Well, I guess we all have our problems then, don’t we?”
Sure do, Dad. Sure do.

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