I like what I see

by Katie on December 1, 2009

Brandon has shared this story at every social encounter we’ve had since it occurred. He seems to enjoy it. So I thought I would just make it a little easier on him.
Last weekend, we were helping ourselves to leftovers at his parents’ house. It was our first meal of the day at 11am, so I was a little hungry.
Okay, starving.
Anyway, we make our plates. I have four corn tortillas with shredded pork and salsa in them.
Apparently, four tacos is way too much for me to be eating.
Brandon exclaimed, “Four tacos! You’re going to eat all that?! Really?”
…And then proceeded to make a big fuss about the four tacos on my plate.
In order to eat my four tacos in peace, I finally replied, “You know what? When I look in the mirror, I like what I see lately. So you just keep it up over there, and I’m going to eat my tacos. All four of them.”
He just said, “Wow. How can I argue with that?”
And I enjoyed my tacos. All four of them.

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