How old is she?

by Katie on December 21, 2009

So, I flew to Texas on Saturday.

After spending more than an hour in airport lines, I made a mental note to buy lighter Christmas gifts next year. I woke up on Sunday with bruises on my shoulders from the two bags of gifts and bridesmaid shoes I was carrying.

Anyway, back to the real story of the day here.

When my mom and I got to Baytown around 4pm, all I had eaten all day was a peanut butter and honey sandwich and two small apples.

We’ve covered the fact my appetite is quite a bit larger than the sustenance this meager amount of food had provided.

So, we decide to pick up some Chick-fil-A for us and my MeMe, who we were on our way to visit.

We had a super eager order-taker at Chick-fil-A, which I tend to appreciate. Makes for a much more pleasant fast food experience.

My mom orders her healthy grilled chicken sandwich, and I order my slightly less healthy chicken nuggets and waffle fries.

Then we stand there debating what to order MeMe. The fact she recently got a new set of teeth helps the eating situation, but there are still some concerns. To begin, she only has one eating hand, since the other one was paralyzed from her stroke.

Trying to be funny, our order-taker says, “Well, to make it easy on you, we have chicken, chicken or chicken.”

We politely threw him a few laughs, then continued our discussion…

Mom: “Hmmm…what should we get?”

Me: “Well, I think the nuggets would be easier than a big sandwich…”

Mom: “But do you think she would like them?”

Me: “I do. And she typically eats whatever we bring.”

…And so on.

After a few minutes, the over-zealous order-taker, in his most helpful manner, asks with a sweet smile, “How old is she?”

My mom and I exchange a little chuckle, then say, “Um…she’s 88.”

“Oh…well…okay,” the order-taker says, clearly surprised. Pretty sure he was betting on an answer more like three.

“Well, the chicken salad sandwich is a popular item among our seniors,” he said.

Mom and me: “Perfect!”

And indeed, it was perfect. So was the order-taker’s expression when we said “88”.


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